Rebate Interim Certificate

Application Form


Before applying for the Rebate, it is essential to read our Guidelines, which are integral to the Rebate Application process. You must be in compliance with the Guidelines at all times in order to be eligible for the Rebate. The ‘Rebate’ is a production incentive provided by ADFC, rebating up to 30% of Abu Dhabi qualifying production expenditure (“ADQPE”).

An applicant must be a production company or a production services company holding a valid Creative Media Authority – Abu Dhabi trade license. The entity principally responsible for all activities involved in making the production in Abu Dhabi (the “Producer”) does not need to hold a valid Creative Media Authority – Abu Dhabi trade license and may submit a Rebate application via a Creative Media Authority – Abu Dhabi licensed company. Applicants will require the Media Regulatory Office (the ‘MRO’) approval for the production that is the subject of a Rebate application, and such approval should be obtained as early as possible in the application process in order to ascertain potential Rebate eligibility. Scripts or treatments that have not been approved in writing by either the MRO or ADFC will not be eligible for the Rebate.

All information and documentation submitted to ADFC must be true and accurate, and ADFC has the absolute discretion to refuse any Application. Once ADFC is in receipt of a fully completed Application Form, together with all required supporting documentation, including the necessary content approval, an Interim Certificate should be issued within twenty (20) working days (Rebate Guidelines Section 3.13). Please note this time stamp will NOT start if the submitted application documents are inaccurate or incorrect.

Please note that a submission does not guarantee approval.

Terms & Conditions

Abu Dhabi Film Commission (“ADFC”), the trading name of Aflam FZ LLC is an entity owned by the Creative Media Authority – Abu Dhabi. To the extent that ADFC’s express consent is required to deal electronically, in compliance with Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 (the “Act”) Article 6, such consent is hereby given.

To the extent that the Applicant’s express consent to deal electronically is also required, the Applicant hereby gives its express consent to be legally bound by electronic communication as required by the Act.


By clicking the ‘I agree to the above and have read the Terms & Conditions’ box, the Applicant hereby agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.

The parties are aware that a legally binding contract is automatically executed electronically under these terms and conditions. The Applicant hereby warrants that the information and supporting documentation it has provided to ADFC is true and accurate. The Applicant also hereby acknowledges that the Rebate Application shall not be legally binding upon ADFC, and ADFC is under no obligation to provide a Rebate to the Applicant.

Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property originating from a party shall remain owned by that party. The Applicant hereby grants to ADFC a royalty free, non-exclusive license to use all and any of the Applicant’s intellectual property required for the provision of the Rebate.