Filming in Abu Dhabi

COVID-19 Guidelines for Shooting

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and to protect the health and safety of all cast and crew members, the following Health and Safety measures are recommended to ensure production continuity for any filming taking place in Abu Dhabi:

  • Anyone exhibiting signs of fever, coughing or illness should not be permitted entry on set. Temperature checks will be conducted for all persons at entry points before starting work.
  • Productions should check with their Studio Facility or Shooting Locations in advance regarding specific site requirements (eg COVID-19 testing).
  • Take extra precautions to ensure the safety of minors and cast and crew over the age of 60.
  • Hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, COVID-19 signage/posters should be posted at points of entry and common areas.
  • Crew are required to wear masks and gloves at all times on set.
  • Require regular maintenance, sterilization and disinfection of the following non-exhaustive list of items: props, equipment, contact surfaces, costumes, workstations, make-up and hair appliances, cars used for production and common room areas.
  • Equipment, props, costumes, make-up and hair appliances are to be kept in individually labelled cast bags.
  • Limit the number of individuals seated in cars for production, transport and shooting.
  • Encourage social distancing at all times.
  • Divide the set/common areas into sections with teams isolated from each other.
  • Each department is to be given access to the set/common area at time intervals.
  • No physical contact between cast and crew.
  • Limit entry on set to essential personnel only.
  • Limit shoot days to a reasonable number of hours per day.
  • Shooting should not take place during sterilization hours or during any other curfew advised by the authorities.
  • Meals and drinks to be served and packaged as single serving portions. Require use of disposable cutlery and disinfect delivered meals before bringing the meals on set.
  • Creation of a COVID-19 safety department that is responsible for COVID-19 awareness and communications and monitoring health and safety on set is encouraged.

Additional Guidelines

National Media Council Production Guidance

The National Media Council issued a circular No (10) of 2020 on filming movies, series and programs, which is binding on all productions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and provides the following restrictions:

  • Productions must limit entry on set to essential personnel only;
  • All crew members must undergo Covid-19 testing.
  • Productions must adhere to health requirements determined by applicable authorities.
  • Productions must have ongoing education for cast and crew on health requirements (e.g. via awareness campaigns).

The NMC is accepting applications for shooting permits for new productions – please contact the ADFC to assist when applying for shooting permits in Abu Dhabi.

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Latest Covid-19 press updates:

UAE launch COVID–19 tracing app ALHOSN

ALHOSN provides health protection to people who were close to COVID -19 cases and to prevent any spread of the virus. It also provides residents with access to their test results and a health color coding system that identifies and allows individuals that are free from COVID-19 disease to access public spaces. By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and keep their workforce, family and friends safe.

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June 5, 2020
Source: Forbes

The UAE is ranked 11th in Forbes 100 Safest Countries In The World For COVID-19 and 1st in the Arab world

The report is based on categories such as quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency.

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June 1, 2020
Source: Etihad Airways Instagram

We’re taking extra steps to ensure you feel safe when you travel – Introducing Etihad Wellness. Our new initiatives will limit touchpoints throughout your journey, allowing for more distance between you and other guests. In addition, our team of Wellness Ambassadors will be available throughout your trip to provide essential travel information and care.

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May 19, 2020
Source: Abu Dhabi Airports YouTube Page

Abu Dhabi Airports: Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

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May 17, 2020
Source: Abu Dhabi Government Media Office Instagram

“Do the right thing, like heroes do.”‬⁣
‪Bollywood star Salman Khan, who has filmed many times in Abu Dhabi, appeals to the Indian community to benefit from the Government’s generosity, cooperate by complying with precautionary measures, & seek testing when COVID-19 symptoms develop.

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May 16, 2020
Source: The National

Creative freelancers and SMEs in the UAE can apply for Dh15,000-Dh50,000 grants from the government

The National Creative Relief Programme is accepting applications for grants beginning on May 17

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