30% Cashback Rebate

30% Cashback Express TVC Rebate

Produce the next television commercial (TVC) content in Abu Dhabi and receive 30% cashback express rebate. Submit the storyboard and the rebate application to info@film.gov.ae

The express rebate covers TVC productions only and includes travel and accommodation, post-production digital content services, visual effects (PDV) services for projects shot in Abu Dhabi with express rebate approval* and the interim certificate issued within five working days from the submission of the required documents. The rebate covers up to a value of USD 500,000 per TVC.

Access the post-production facilities in Abu Dhabi at competitive rates in addition to the post-production rebate up to a value of USD 150,000 per TVC.

There is a four steps process for the express rebate.

  1. Submit the following documents:
    1. Story Board
    2. Production Schedule
    3. Production Budget
    4. Proof of Insurance
  2. Receive the interim certificate
  3. Produce your TVC
    1. Submit your final certificate payment application
  4. Get paid within 30 days

    The payment will be administered in 30 days and subject the review, approval and set up of payee and the money transfer. The are no limits to the number of applications for the 30% cashback express TVC rebate.

A filming permit is required to film in the UAE, which you can receive through the online application directly on the National Media Council (NMC) website.

*Terms and conditions apply

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