30% Cash Rebate

The only one of its kind in the Middle East & North Africa. Now, Abu Dhabi is 30% more attractive!

The Abu Dhabi Film Commission offers the Middle East’s first production incentive, providing access to a generous 30% cash-back rebate on productions, including feature films, television dramas (including series), commercials, other television formats, such as documentaries and telemovies shot in Abu Dhabi; and post-production, digital content services, visual effects (PDV) services for projects shot inside or outside Abu Dhabi.

Rebate also applies on travel and accommodation including airfares booked with an Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority travel agent.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has everything and everyone you need for your production.

Production companies interested in the rebate should download the following documents:


You have more questions about our Production Incentive?
A list of FAQs available for you on this website... or contact us directly for any questions.